24-Bit Dailies in a 16-Bit World

Trick or Treat

treatsIt is that time of the year again. Halloween is just around the corner, soon to be followed by Thanksgiving. This is an excellent opportunity to make friends and bribe people!

No, I am not referring to paying off your Professors! (We do not solicit bribes or gifts, and it is a breach of ethics for us to accept anything of value from our students.)

However, Staff members, Department administrative staff, Equipment Room / Engineering, and commercial Rental Houses -- well, that is a different situation. These are folks that you want to show some token appreciation to in order to build up a good working relationship.

In a university setting, these staff members have a lot of influence in the day to day operations (not the academic side, but general administrative or facility resources). What better way to introduce yourself (and be remembered) than to drop off an inexpensive bag of candy or a simple snack. It does not need to be fancy nor expensive; in fact, too elaborate a gesture may actually backfire and be construed as a bribe or payoff. Just spend a few dollars; it is not the size of the gift but the thought behind it.

By the way, the same holds true for stopping by your favorite Rental House and dropping off some simple munchies (unless you have just come back from working on a blockbuster budget production -- then you could be lavish!).

Some day in the near future, you may need these people to help you out of an administrative or equipment related jam. Human nature, being what it is, has proven over time that staff members tend to be more willing to go out of their way, bend a few rules, or call in some favors -- for a student (or client) who has already established him or herself as a "nice and thoughtful person".

Make your face and name familiar, now. You can never have too many friends in high places.

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