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24-Bit Dailies in a 16-Bit World

Dumb Idea of the Week

Category: Fred's Blog Fred Ginsburg

Lav bulletThe idea behind the Lav Bullet is not new. Attach a weight to the end of a lavalier connecting cord and drop it down behind wardrobe. We've been doing that for years, only that we olde tymers just used smooth, cylindrical or torpedo shaped fishing weights (sinkers) instead of custom machined novelties that cost 30 times as much!

But what in the name of handcuffs were they thinking when they decided to machine a drop weight that is an extremely detailed and realistic replica of a RIFLE CARTRIDGE. Mind you, this lav bullet is not "bullet shaped" -- it is CARTRIDGE SHAPED. Just like a round of actual ammunition, this lav bullet features a seated bullet, head spacing, tapered shoulder, brass casing, extracter rim, and is actual sized.

As a coffee table novelty (for the coffee table at our local firing range), it is cute.

But to show this to a possibly gun loathing (left wing?) actor and then want permission to drop this down their wardrobe...

Even worse. Just try packing one or more of these in your sound kit and then having to pass through airport security. Microphones, boompoles, and electronic devices are enough to cause slight panics and jittery bag searches. But add some DEFINITE "rifle cartridges" to the X-ray scan -- and bells will go off. Literally.

I will stick with fishing weights. And never speak the words nor even use the labels:  boom, boompole, or shotgun (mic) around the TSA agents.

Chapman & CSUN in top 40 best film schools

Category: Fred's Blog Fred Ginsburg

varietyVariety just published their list of the top 40 film schools, and Chapman University along with California State University Northridge made the list!

Read more: Chapman & CSUN in top 40 best film schools

Lightstone's Rig

Category: Fred's Blog Fred Ginsburg

Lightstone01webRecently, soundmixer Richard Lightstone CAS shared pictures of his Dante sound recording setup with colleagues on FaceBook. To give you a sense of how the "big boys" play, I am sharing his photos and comments.

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Lav Rods & Sticks

Category: Fred's Blog Fred Ginsburg
lav rod (rifle cleaning rod)Very often it is necessary to run a lavalier cable down the front of a shirt, blouse, or dress. Or, perhaps, down the trousers leg of tight fitting slacks.

Read more: Lav Rods & Sticks

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