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TOPIC: Sound Devices 633 CF Card Help!

Sound Devices 633 CF Card Help! 2 years 1 month ago #3135

just wrapped day 3 on a doc and i just noticed that when i mount my CF card on my laptop i dont hear any audio from any of the WAV files. i was pressing spacebar to preview the .WAV files and nothing. i'm mounting the CF card on my MacBook Pro running Yosemite OS. the audio files are being saved as .WAV poly files and I recorded in between 1-3 tracks max. i just looked at the SD website under approved media for CF cards (I was using a Sandisk CF 16 gig 30/MB 200x card) and i just noticed that it wasnt on the list. the audio plays on my SD 633 but when i listen to the files on my laptop i get nothing :(

i tried opening the audio files using QuickTime but nothing and then I downloaded VLC player and that actually was able to play the audio. i bought a new SD card yesterday, it's a 32 Gig Sandisk SDHC/UHS-1. I tried copying the audio files from CF to the SD card while cards inside the SD 633 but when I mounted the new SD card with the copied CF files in my macbook, i got the same thing.

i also just downloaded the wav-agent from the SD website and i was also able to hear the audio including the separate tracks, all there. im on location and i just bought a new macbook so i dont have any editing software to check if the audio tracks play on final cut or premiere but if vlc player plays the audio files im hoping they will also. has anyone ever encountered this problem before?
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