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Post Production

Interview with a Foley Artist

Category: Post Production Last Updated on August 29, 2011 Woody Woodhall CAS

interview-foley iconI have the pleasure of sharing this great interview with Monique Reymond a top Hollywood Foley artist.  Monique was nominated for a prime time Emmy award for her work on the TV series "Survivor" (yes -- they Foley Reality TV too, we'll get into that).

Read more: Interview with a Foley Artist

Introduction to Equalization

Category: Post Production Last Updated on August 29, 2011 Woody Woodhall CAS

intro-eq iconEQ is an essential tool in a mixers' bag of tricks.   EQ was developed as a way to "equalize" differing sources to sound similar.  It can alter the frequency characteristics of a recorded sound.   It can enhance recordings by boosting, reducing or even removing certain frequencies.   The simplest and most common EQ are what used to be called the "tone control" or the "treble" and "bass" knobs common on car radios or home receivers.  There can also be additional controls such as a "presence" switch or a "bass boost" switch. 

Read more: Introduction to Equalization

Foley on a Shoestring Budget

Category: Post Production Last Updated on August 29, 2011 Fred Ginsburg

foley iconThe post-production process known as "Foley" refers to the art of recording "live" sync sound effects to picture. It is akin to looping the dialogue, but instead of recording the actors performing their lines while watching themselves on screen -- skilled craftspeople known as "Foley artists" will walk, run, and act out any sync sound effects to match what the actor is seen (or implied) doing in the picture.

Read more: Foley on a Shoestring Budget

OMF Considerations

Category: Post Production Last Updated on August 29, 2011 Woody Woodhall CAS

omf iconOMF files are an essential component for audio post workflow.   OMF or Open Media Framework is a file format developed by Avid Technology as a way to more conveniently transfer digital data.  It was originally released in 1990 and then updated in ’96 , it’s a standard and it’s a bit long in the tooth.  But we’ll get to that soon enough.

Read more: OMF Considerations

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