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RnR Multi-Cart Site


Welcome CSUN and Chapman students

Category: News Last Updated on August 23, 2017 Fred Ginsburg

class-extWelcome to Professor Ginsburg's CSUN and Chapman students enrolled in CTVA358/FP534 Production Sound and CTVA230 Fundamentals of Audio. You will find course information and the syllabus located in the College Classes tab at the top of the homepage.

When you open the tab, you will see an area for your class. Important information such as the syllabus, project descriptions (assignments), tentative weekly schedule, and reading list are located. A downloadable PDF copy of the syllabus,  projects, and schedule is located at the top of the syllabus page.

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Trouble Logging In?

Category: News Last Updated on May 05, 2017 Fred Ginsburg

YES, we are aware that the website is having major issues. Be assured that our Webmaster is working on it, but it may take a few more days to root out and repair the underlying problem. Please be patient.

In the meantime, other login fields work. While logged out, if you try to view any protected articles it’ll display a login form – that one works.

Alternatively, you can also login / logout directly here: http://filmtvsound.com/index.php/login

Don't be shocked if the screen welcomes a different log-in name than your own! It seems to be doing that, as well.

Students: You will not be expected to leave replies to the Forum postings, due to the temporary site problems.

Garage Sale (used shotgun mics)

Category: News Last Updated on March 17, 2017 Fred Ginsburg

bp4071LEvery now and then, we go through our shelves of audio gear and find some gems that are too useful to just be taking up storage space. I have gotten older; and admit that these days, I rarely go out on commercials or major shoots. A little bit of cable network stuff just to stay in practice, but the mainstay of my income is from teaching and consulting. So I no longer need to maintain an excessive inventory of professional toys. (And if I do need something extra that I don't own, I can borrow it or rent it.)

On the same token, I realize that most of our readers are just getting started and have to watch their budget. So check out these goodies that EQE Media & Consulting Group is offering for sale....

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Pro Tools version 12.4 - Warning

Category: News Last Updated on January 24, 2016 Fred Ginsburg

ProTools 12 1.15AVID recently released version 12.4 of Pro Tools, and like many of you -- I went ahead and attempted to upgrade. I encountered some serious problems, at least in the Windows version. Be forewarned!

Read more: Pro Tools version 12.4 - Warning

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