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Recording high quality dialogue for film and video production requires a blend of technology and technique. Sadly, almost all of the emphasis these days is on achieving the best picture quality, and sound is the forgotten child.

Learn MoreBut for those of you interested in attending or hosting a seminar/workshop on how to achieve Hollywood grade location audio -- Fred Ginsburg CAS Ph.D. MBKS is an internationally recognized authority when it comes to teaching this complex craft.

Samy's Camera - Los Angeles

Category: Workshops Last Updated on August 26, 2011 EQE Media & Consulting Group

samysOn Wed, Thursday, and Friday (August 10-12, 2011), Samy's Camera will be hosting a three day event in their Los Angeles area stores featuring factory representatives from major brands available to make presentations and answer questions from attendees. Dr. Fred Ginsburg CAS will be on hand, representing Audio Technica microphones for video and HDSLR production.

Read more: Samy's Camera - Los Angeles

NAB/BEA Workshops on Multi-track Recording

Category: Workshops Last Updated on August 19, 2011 EQE Media & Consulting Group

Audio Techncia exhibit at NABThis year, Fred Ginsburg CAS will once again be presenting informative workshops about location sound recording for film/video during the 2011 annual conference of the National Association of Broadcasters. This year's topic will be about the current use of multi-track recording.

Read more: NAB/BEA Workshops on Multi-track Recording

Workshops & Seminars

Category: Workshops Last Updated on September 02, 2013 EQE Media & Consulting Group

Fred Ginsburg instructing at NAB.Production Sound Mixing is the complex craft of recording crisp and clean dialogue & sound effects on the set during film or video production. Yet although Sound Mixers are traditionally seen but not heard,  Fred Ginsburg,  has become quite the exception! Over the past decade, Fred has conducted numerous hands-on training seminars for a multitude of organizations across the country including universities, professional associations, trade-shows, expos, broadcasters, corporations, and government agencies.

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Fred Ginsburg at NAB 2015

Category: Workshops Last Updated on April 19, 2015 Fred Ginsburg

NAB2015Once again, Fred Ginsburg CAS PhD MBKS, along with other industry experts, will be answering questions, conducting demo's, and instructing myriad workshops on behalf of Audio Technica at this year's upcoming NAB 2015 tradeshow. Fred and his decked out soundcart will be on hand all week long, Monday through Thursday, at the Audio Technica booth located around mid way in the Central Hall.

Read more: Fred Ginsburg at NAB 2015

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This website is intended as an educational resource for those interested in video and film production. Our specialty is Production Sound Recording (location sound), although we are also versed in other aspects of production, from pre to post.


Our mission is not to sell you equipment, but to help you to master the complex craft of location audio recording for video and film.

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