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Audio for Mini Input

mini-input iconHDSLR, small format digital video camcorders and pocket digital audio recorders are being used ever increasingly for professional application. In addition, there are still those rare occasions when we encounter the older video formats, such as mini DV, Digital 8, Hi8mm, and even SVHS.

The various merits of shooting images with these relatively inexpensive, unobtrusive, and extremely portable video acquisition systems are familiar to most readers. However, interfacing these consumer and prosumer camcorders with professional audio can be a nightmare.

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This website is intended as an educational resource for those interested in video and film production. Our specialty is Production Sound Recording (location sound), although we are also versed in other aspects of production, from pre to post.


Our mission is not to sell you equipment, but to help you to master the complex craft of location audio recording for video and film.

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